Thursday, 30 August 2007

Areas of expertise: Full List

Areas of Specialisation:
Medical Ethics (in particular Prioritisation and Equity)
Political Philosophy (in particular Distributive Justice)
These are the focus of my PhD Thesis.

Philosophy of Religion (in particular the Argument from Evil)
Ethical Theory (in particular Utilitarianism)
These were covered extensively in my Masters Thesis.

Research Ethics (In particular the structure and operation of Ethics Committees)
Through practical experience, I sit on four ethics committees presently. I have been heavily involved in the establishment of the research ethics system here at the University of Ulster and am now advising on this at Liverpool hope University. I am also a member of the council of AREC the Association of Research Ethics Committees. The majority of my publications to date are on aspects of research ethics, and I am presently working on several more papers in this field.

Areas of Competence:
Applied Ethics
Professional Ethics
Ethical Issues in New Technology
Environmental Ethics
Business Ethics
Philosophy of Action
History of Political Thought
Introductory Metaphysics
Introductory Chinese Philosophy
Introductory Buddhism

I have previously taught in these areas.

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