Tuesday, 4 September 2007


This website acts as the Curriculum Vitae and homepage for David Hunter, Department of Philosophy, University of Birmingham, UK. It is based on the NEO template for Blogger by Ramani and a modification of this template to make it IE7 friendly by Arephyz

The navigation should be straightforward, you click on the category on the far left, which then gives you the subheadings in the box to the right. You then click on the heading you want to display the page. In most categories there will be several entries, the first being one page containing everything in the category, and the others being each individual area of information in that category. So for example Presentations divides into invited presentations, conference presentations and graduate seminars.

The aim of this is to allow you easy access to each individual area without having to read through the entire content of an section. Where possible I have tried to include links to offsite sources of information such as my publications, departments I have worked at and so on to facilitate easy access to further information.

It is complete and up to date as of 08/09/2011 I will endeavour to update it sporadically.

If you would prefer to read this the hard way a less frequently updated PDF version is available here: David Hunter CV PDF

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