Sunday, 22 July 2007

Other Teaching

2002-03: I was involved in tutoring for a professional ethics development course for Property Managers and Valuers run by Dr Tim Dare.

2002-04: I tutored on medical ethics for the Health Psychology Department at the University of Auckland.

2005: I delivered a guest lecture on Euthanasia for the post-graduate nurses at the Albany campus for Massey University.

2011: I delivered training for the King Saud University Hospital Clinical Ethics Committee in Saudi Arabia.

Philosophy in Schools:

2005: 5 Sessions at Epsom Girls Grammar.
2004: 8 Sessions At Epsom Girls Grammar.
2003: 5 Sessions at Epsom Girls Grammar.
2002: 3 Sessions at Selwyn College.
2 Sessions at Epsom Girls Grammar.
2001: 4 Sessions on Philosophy of Religion at St Cuthberts College.

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