Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Qualifications: Full List

Academic Qualifications:
2008: PHD Thesis: A Luck Egalitarian Account of Distributive Justice in Health Care, University of Auckland. Supervised by Professor Rosalind Hursthouse and Associate Professor Jan Crosthwaite.
2002: MA, Philosophy (65000 word Thesis: God the Utilitarian? The Ethics of Theodicy), First Class Honours, Grade A, University of Auckland. Supervised by Professor John Bishop. 2001: BA (Hons) Philosophy, First Class Honours, Grade A-, University of Auckland.
2001: Diploma of Professional Ethics, University of Auckland.
1999: BA Double Major: Philosophy/Politics, University of Auckland.

Other Relevant Qualifications and Training:
2009: Keele University Supervisors training 6 week course.
2007: National Research Ethics Service (NRES) Chairs Training 1 day course.
2007: University of Ulster Website Content Management System training.
2006: Central Office for Research Ethics Committees: Ethical Review of Research Tissue Bank training day.
2006: Keele University Introduction to Research Ethics 3 day course.
2006: Keele University Challenges for Research Ethics Committees 2 day course.
2006: University of Ulster Introduction to WebCT.
2005: Principles and Practices of Online Learning and Teaching, Training and Development Unit, Massey University.
2004: Introduction to Teaching and Learning, Training and Development Unit, Massey
2003: Philosophy for Children Level 2 Philosopher Certificate.
2001: Philosophy for Children Level 1 Practitioner Certificate.
2000: University of Auckland Tutor Training Certificate.

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