Sunday, 22 July 2007

Teaching Experience: 2005


Lecturing, University of Ulster:
Exploitation of Biotechnology: Introduction to Bioethics

Current Controversies in Biomedical Sciences: Introduction to Bioethics online lecture & support.

Lecturing, Massey University:

Second Year:
134.203 Ethics, whole course both internally and extramurally. This involved organising and planning the entire course since it hadn't been offered for a few years. I also rearranged the course from what had been offered, inserting a section on Confucian and Buddhist ethical theories. Because it was a distance learning (extramural) course as well as an internal course this also required writing a substantial (36 000 words) study guide to accompany the Book of Readings and text book.

Third Year:

134.303 Ethics, whole course both internally and extramurally.
200.311 Political Theory, whole course both internally and extramurally.
134.730 Topics in Value Theory, and ongoing work with graduate students on Distributive Justice in Health Care.
I provided tutor training and support for the graduate students who were tutoring that year.

I supervised two postgraduate students for part of the year on their 15000 word research Projects with Massey University:
Kate Tappenden: Xenotransplantation and Moral Status
Graham Cliff: Are Laws against Child Porn Permissible?

Study Guide: I also prepared a course on Business Ethics to be taught in the second semester, this involved choosing an appropriate text book, creating a book of readings and a substantial study guide (28000 words) to enable the extramural students to do the course.

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