Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Teaching Experience: 2009

2009: Lecturing, Keele University
Centre for Professional Ethics:
Research Ethics committee knowledge transfer events 3 Days – this involved going to other universities or to NHS research ethics committees and running full day training sessions for them.
Resource Allocation knowledge transfer event – This involved delivering a half day training course on the ethical issues in resource allocation for the members of an NHS resource allocation committee.

Since January I have taken over as the director of this area of activity here at the Centre for Professional Ethics, this has involved, negotiating with other universities to take our courses, advertising, the development of new areas of business.

Lecturing on:
Online MA in Research Ethics
MA in Ethics of Social Welfare
MA in Ethics of Criminal and Policing Justice
MA in Medical Ethics and Law
Professional Doctorate in Medical Ethics
In each of these courses I have taught several lectures/seminars on relevant topics. The students are primarily professionals in relevant disciplines.

Jaime Burrows, PhD Student – First Supervisor
Title: Health Inequalities and Justice
Jon Courthold, Professional Doctorate Student – First Supervisor
Title: Autonomy – Some practical concerns in the context of renal care
Leena Al-Qasem, Professional Doctorate Student – First Supervisor
Title: Ethical Issues in Research in Developing Countries
Norman Gourlay, Professional Doctorate Student – Second Supervisor
Title: What are our obligations to those in other countries?

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