Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Tutoring Feedback

Selected Feedback:

“David is dedicated, thoughtful, helpful, approachable, available and overall the best Philosophy tutor I've encountered so far.”

“Understandable, answers my questions completely, constructive manner, enjoyable. This is the only tutorial that I've ever liked.”

“The tutorials were focused & well structured. The tutor made certain the discussion remained on topic. There was no fluff or irrelevant diversions that one gets in some tutorials. Overall, an excellent tutor.”

“David Hunter, a great tutor, he distribute materials in the tutorials very effectively. Very enthusiastic about his teaching. I recommend him to tutor in all philosophy course esp. Ethics. One of the great things about his teaching is that he motivates our interest in the course.”

“David kept the tutorials interesting, initiated class discussion and created an environment where I felt able to raise questions. He was very helpful outside of the class when I approached him regarding my essay. He has been one of the best tutors I've had at university.”

“David was knowledgeable and friendly. I'm not a philosophy major, so most of the ideas were new, but having a really helpful tutor made it easy for me to come up to the level of seasoned philosophy students in the class.”

“Questions & Discussions during class, going over what was covered in lectures, David is a very good tutor, his tutorials are well prepared and really interesting. He is very approachable outside of class, and during class it is easy to make comments and have discussion.”

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