Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Unsolicited Feedback

Selected Feedback:

1. “Philosophy and Bioethics. David Hunter, who regularly comments on posts here at PEA Soup, has created this website, which, besides carrying a blog pertaining the philosophy and bioethics, has the aptly-named "Motherlode of Philosophy Journal Table of Contents, News, Blogs, and Resources," easily one of the most comprehensive and useful collections I've seen in a long time.” Dr. Daniel R. Boisvert, Department of Philosophy, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. PEA Soup

2. “An amazing site:
David Hunter (Ulster) has put together an amazing site that brings together the RSS feeds from all major ethics, bioethics, political theory and general philosophy journals (and, yes, of course, this list includes the Journal of Moral Philosophy!). It also includes bioethics news sources, ethics related blogs and a host of other philosophy resources.” Thom Brooks, Reader in Political and Legal Philosophy at the University of Newcastle (UK) and editor of the Journal of Moral Philosophy. The Brooks Blog

2006 University of Ulster
3. “Hello David,
I would like to reiterate my thanks on behalf of our Dean, Professor Anne Moran, and the Research Unit Coordinator for Education, Professor Rosalind Pritchard, for the excellent presentation and discussion last Friday. Most in the audience were 'new' to ethics and you dealt with all the questions most effectively and also most aimiably. The feedback was excellent and at least one colleague has written very warmly to both Anne and Rosalind about all you did.

Jackie Reilly took the evaluation forms to analyse and I will ask her for copies for you. I will also ask her to send her analysis. I believe there may be a few more out there, so I will chase those up too.

I intend to email your Head of School to record our appreciation. It was a measure of your success that people were so engaged with the issues on a warm Friday afternoon! Hope you had a rest at the week-end after such a demanding week.

Best wishes, Lesley
Dr Lesley Abbott
School of Education
University of Ulster”

4. “Dear David
I just want to thank you for your excellent input to the School of Education training day last Friday. It really was highly beneficial. From a professional point of view, it certainly has helped me to have a much better understanding of key and other issues.
Thank you again.
PS We were at the same lunch table.
Dr. John Dallat
Senior Lecturer in Education
Course Director
PGC/Dip/Master's in Higher Education Practice”

5. “Hi David
Just a belated note to say thank you for the session on Monday- and apologies for arriving late (and leaving early!)- too many conflicting commitments

Really enjoyed the content and your style of delivery- so used to death by powerpoint presentation that your session was a real breath of fresh air- and added to the course in Ballymena- has really moved my understanding of ethics committees and ethical issues on!!
Thanks again

Dr Marie Murphy
Senior Lecturer Exercise Sciences
Sport and Exercise Sciences Research Institute”

6. “Hi David
I wish I had emailed you last week when I was panicking away. You have put me so much at ease and your advice is invaluable. If only all lecturers were like you. Many, many thanks again. And I hope you enjoy all the other presentations today. I have attached my attempt of a presentation on ‘Scarcity of Healthcare’.
Thanks. Donna.”

2004-05, Massey University:
7. “Well everyone, this is it. Tomorrow is the exam.
This I must say has been one of the most informative and interesting papers that I have done in my 4 years of extramural study. Much thanks to our lecturer Mr David Hunter who has assisted well above and beyond the norm.

For those of you who contributed to WebCT, the discussions have been in the most part helpful and informative.
The best of luck tomorrow for all of you.
Regards Stephen “

8. “By the way, in case I don’t get the chance again – thanks for how well you’ve presented the paper. I have read around a few of the topics and you have presented the ‘guts’ really clearly and succinctly. I also appreciate how you have been so willing to help with essays etc. And I will understand if you are too busy to critic my current thinking.

9. “Dear David
Thanks again for looking through my exam outlines – its helpful to say the least!
I have really enjoyed both this paper and the practical ethics paper last year. It has been an interesting, thought provoking and often uncomfortable but enlivening journey.
Thanks for all your comments and your obvious skill in philosophy and your ability and assistance in making the course as accessible as possible.
I am not sure what else I will study in the field of philosophy but already feel it has greatly enriched my classroom teaching and collegial conversations.
Regards Raewyn”

10. “Dear Mr. Hunter,
Hello, how are you? Thank you very much for the revision and exam guide sheet you sent us students last week. It will be very helpful, and I have just been looking at it, and the 'meaning of life' last lesson of the course.
I notice on the last page of our study guide, in the 'congratulations for completing the course' box, there is mention of a ethical questionnaire. I have looked through my course materials but I cannot find this. I was wondering if you could advise me as to where this questionnaire is located in the course materials?
I will write to you again to check over my exam essay plan with you; I don't know whether my mark for the second assignment will be a pass because my view on abortion was not of the accepted norm of today, but I really want to do well for the exam, and pass the paper.
I have very much enjoyed the course, and I will definitely be taking the higher level ethics paper. Thank you very much for teaching me.

Yours Sincerely
Bradley “

11. “David
I am thinking about doing the business ethics course next semester so make it good.

My opinion is that in all of my Massey papers thus far the ethics study guide has been the best. Up until yours, I have not been overly impressed as I am used to the Otago material which is very polished an professional. (I am sucking up for good grades. Is that ethical?)

One change that I think would be more helpful is breaking the modules down further into weeks and give a summery of the learning goals at the beginning of each section.

The footnotes and directed reading is excellent.

The only real disastrous fault I have found is that if one leaves the study guide on the BBQ table overnight, all the pages get crinkly and some of the print becomes illegible.
May I suggest a built in automatic umbrella system.
Steve the second.”

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